A warm bienvenue to F.D.L. Gibalaux’s, the study association of the programme French language and culture in Leiden, official renewed website. Since 1993, Gibalaux has been organising events in and on the matter of France. Think about, for example, the yearly week-long trip to a French destination, wine-tasting sessions and theatre performances. Gibalaux is a small but delightful study association counting around 60 members. Most of the members study French language and culture in Leiden, but we also welcome all those who are merely interested in the French language and culture à bras ouverts. A membership with Gibalaux is the best way to encounter fellow lovers of the French language at our weekly activities. We get together regularly for movie nights, drinks and other outings: conviviality to the max!

All these events are immortalised in our association magazine, the GibaLettre, which members receive in their mailboxes. Other great advantages of joining F.D.L. Gibalaux include the discount that you receive on your (course) books and the interesting vacancies of our partners that we spread via our socials.

In short, a membership with Gibalaux guarantees you a wonderful time in your student career, in which you will meet a variety of people with a common factor: an unconditional love for the French language and culture. We would love to welcome you to our association.

Gotten curious? Take a look at the rest of the website or get in touch via mail or our socials!

Order books?

We order books at Index! Are you a member of Gibalaux? If yes, you will profit from our collaboration with Index.