Avant-Garde, the 28th board of F.D.L. Gibalaux: a fun, warm board with an enormous drive. Our name fits us very well, as we go into each situation with tireless motivation and a big smile. Quickly we became close friends, even though we have extremely different hobbies and personalities. Our passion for the association, the members and France bind us. With optimism and craziness, we tackle our intense meetings, endless to dos and all challenges that we encounter due the COVID-19 virus every week.

This year, a big part of the activities will take place online, but this does not mean we will enjoy our board year any less. Marieke bursts with good ideas to stuff every month with amazing activities. Roos also does not lose hope and receives every email and message with great positivity. This warm and welcoming feeling does not end with the girls of Avant-Garde: Marcel, a well-known face for every Gibalien(ne), is our loyal quaestor and this year also assessor extern. He is always ready to help everyone and is the true all-rounder of the association.

I am so very proud of this bunch of diehards.

Vera Tukker

Praeses Avant-Garde

Praeses: Vera Tukker

Abactis: Roos Le Fèvre

Treasurer & Assessor Extern:

Marcel Beentjes

Assessor Intern: Marieke Vlek