Travel Commission

Every year Gibalaux organises a trip to a French destination. This unforgettable trip is organised by an independent commission, the ReisCie. This commission consists of enthusiastic and active members of Gibalaux that are willing to take on this amazing task. The big trip used to go to Paris, but over the past few years we have been broadening our horizon and visited the sunny Nice in 2020 and the gorgeous Lyon in 2018. The big trip is the highlight of the tear for many; an opportunity to discover a beautiful destination in the company of like-minded people.

The commission of this year

President: Myrthe Galle

Secretary: Melanie van Wensveen

Treasurer: Bart Bussink

Assessor: Marieke Vlek

Publicity Commission

Five times a year the GibaLettre is published, our association’s magazine with many loyal fans. Once a year our yearbook appears, the almanac. The silent driving force behind these publications is the Publicity Commission, also known as the PubCie, four creative and enthusiastic members with a love for journalism and media. In the Lettres we look back at activities and trips. Professors write about topics of their choosing and the best quotes are featured. The Lettres and the Almanac are well loved by our members. 

The commission of this year

President & Assessor Design:

Florian van Hout

Secretary: Valérie van Zwol

Editorial Assessor: Fleur Brakel

Editorial Assessor: Renate Roskam

Career day Commission

Every year we organise a Career day, a day-long event that revolves around our future. Where can you end up with the programme French language and culture, which sectors and jobs could you consider and how will you approach internships? The Career day Commission organises this event yearly. Speakers from various sectors and branches inform us about our future possibilities and alumni-members of Gibalaux show us where they ended up with their degree French language and culture.

The commission of this year

President: Daniël Arendsen

Secretary: Fiona Koper

Treasurer: Roos Le Févre

Assessor: Elise Oosterom